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The Cut caught up with Ortiz and her clients one day in Newark to talk about their friendship, their lifestyle, and surprising nail fetishes.Partygoers with extremely long fingernails certainly nailed their moves on the dancefloor at a Florida nightclub in front of bemused onlookers.While it's been tough for La Rue to find love again since growing out her nails, she met Steve during a speed dating event -- and he seemed genuinely interested in her super nails.He even called them "a gift" and admitted he was very attracted to her.The student said her grades in PE are 'really bad' because she cannot join in on any ball games that might ruin her nails.Her teachers have repeatedly pleaded with her to reach for the clippers, but Simone refuses to listen. Sometimes my nails get caught in my hair, so I have to be extra careful.'I also have to be careful getting dressed.

Stomach-churning footage shows how some of the nails have curled up into spirals, while others remain straight.The women come from all over for Ortiz’s magic touch: one hops on two trains and a bus from Brooklyn, while another drives in from Pittsburgh. Women with shorter nails — that’s two inches or so can expect to spend three hours in the salon for a manicure.Clients with nails that measure several inches are prepared to sit tight for as long as eight hours.It can take up to three hours to paint them and an hour-and-a-half to remove polish.To strengthen them, she uses two coats of nail hardener and cuticle oil every time she paints them, and to keep them clean, she cleans the undersides with a cotton bud every day.

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Even if my nails don’t break, it hurts a lot when they get caught on clothing so I take things really slow.

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