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After two limited edition versions of the original A * Men fragrance, A * Men Pure Coffee from 2008 and A * Men Pure Malt from 2009, Thierry Mugler presents the new edition A * Men Pure Havana in May 2011. Today I visited Saks and found that A*Men had a diffusion of other scents. This is a bit dense but versatile for day and evening wear.A * Men Pure Havana is a gourmand interpretation of the tobacco scent and the finest Cuban cigars signed by perfumer Jacques Huclier. I own all three and find pure havane the least wearable of them as it's so sweet and heavy although it is undeniably an amazing fragrance I Trying To Not Buy This One , Because I Have So Much Fragrances And I Don't Really Use Them All .. I had time to spare while a waited for the sales associate to gift wrap my item when she stepped away, I told myself "alright, let's smell this garbage again". Perhaps best worn in winter on a night out with friends. Its jan 2017 batch and I could smell this one as soon as it shot out the tester bottle which was a first for that to happen. A*Men Pure Havane is a real fun scent to wear and a real cold weather go to.very good fragrance, decent projection (2 feet ish), very good longevity (8-10 hrs) ! Emotions - quest,unanswered questions,defiant,rebel,sweet cuban cigars. I would wear this in social settings but probably not in the office. Well, I decided oh well reformulation or not, i still want to try the new version and holy crap, it's just as long lasting as before. Tried this one today, it's colder weather, so this fragnance should be perfect. - NO My rates for TM A*MEN PURE HAVANE: Scent: 10.0 (in the top 5 of all men fragrances for me) Longevity: 9.0 (It's not a beast) Sillage: 8.5 (It's not a beast) Uniqueness: 9.5 (Other A*Men and Reyane Insurrecton II Wild don't justify taking more than 0.5) Wearability: 8.0 (avoid summer days) Versatility: 9.5 (don't use it at the beach) Quality: 9.5 (took 0.5 for the non efficient sprayer) Price: 8.5 (above average cost of a good cologne, although being quite unique) Overall rating: 9,1/10.0 My last purchase to my a*men collection as i'm not so mad about that cherry note that can be smelled in other designer fragrances like guerlain ideal and 1 million prive etc.Having said that, go easy on the trigger and an office scent it could be. this being the only A*men that lasts on my skin and on my clothing for two to three days straight! It's very nice for about first half an hour where opulent smell of honey, pipe tobacco and vanilla dominates like a yummy cinnamon cake. Still it is magnificent fragrance with calming qualities that took me over.Despite the popularity, this is one of those fragrances that you will wish you kept if something ever happen to its availability. :-) Pure Havane can also be worn in a hot humid (summer) weather as well; as it does have a tropical/Caribbean vibe due to how the tobacco scent was formulated with all the other notes.I am surprised this fragrance has not been copied more. Overall Score: 9.5/10 I recently ordered Pure Malt because I really wanted to own it--it has such a nice smell to it and I savor it every single time I wear it.But then, these nice aromas simply wanished and it started to smell like something sweet without any flavor. Some say they get a lot of vanilla with newer batches and complain about longevity and projection. I wore it today, had 5 sprays on me and after 9 hours it was still going strong. For the tobacco note i need to launch my imagination as i only can wonder what that Cuban sweet tobacco leaves that everyone talk about smell like..

The performance however on my skin is not that great, i get sometimes just 4 hours with it, sometimes 5 or 6 hours. I highly recommend keeping this out of the office because this scent is more for fun and good times, as well as being really strong.

Miuccia Prada once said "Sometimes we need a little tackiness". I guess my association with gaudiness and Thierry Mugler started in high school when a group of douchey boys from Brooklyn used to wear G-Star Raw jeans, high top sneakers, and puffer jackets.

Upon first spraying Pure Havane I was immediately turned off and instantly regretted it. It's top notes almost smells like a chocolate malt that was spiked with Captain Morgan's coconut rum. Thick and syrupy, a wonderful gourmand masculine scent. With all that being said cherry tobacco and honey has never smelt better, and yes this scent encapsulates a cigar tasting experience.

There is just this about PH, I get olfactory fatigue after a couple of hours, thinking that it is gone, but it is not. So who get/think of bad performance, is just getting an olfactory fatigue or possibly bought a not authentic Mugler. Now, I am soooo f*cking happy that it was Pure Havane.

If you don’t know what Pure Havane smells like, all I can say to that is - Just get some! Pure Havane is a flat out amazing smelling fragrant masterpiece.

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