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Dodge's style was called Behavior Drama; the exact method and style of this technique remains unclear, but seems to have relied on emotional delivery and interpretation of texts.

Guilliaume noted that "in sum, [Bush-Banks] represented a living anachronism of assimilation and transculturalism on North America's eastern seaboard." Bush-Banks's mother died when the child was nine months old, and her father relocated with Bush-Banks and her two elder sisters to Providence, Rhode Island.Bush-Banks completed her education at Providence High School, where she received training in nursing and developed an interest in drama and literature.Her high school drama instructor, a woman known only as Miss Dodge, recognized Bush-Banks's youthful talent with dramatic interpretation and gave the young girl private drama lessons.Bush-Banks was literary editor of Boston's Citizen magazine for a time, and participated in the Northeastern Federation of Women's Clubs.In 1914 Bush-Banks's second poetry collection, Driftwood , was published.

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Olivia Ward Bush Banks had two distinct ethnic identities and strongly identified with both of them.

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