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This helpful feature strengthens both comprehension and test-taking skills by eliminating unlikely answers, prompting students to go back to the text and locate evidence to prove their answers—all of which are skills we teach and practice in class.

In general, the texts I reviewed were both high quality and grade appropriate.

It is designed as a stand-alone resource, and the site does not offer suggestions for integrating it into a larger curriculum.

But it is excellent for teaching students many of the narrative and informational reading skills called for by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

This is equivalent to closing the achievement growth gap by 60 percent for low-income students.” Such “effectiveness information” is valuable for educators who have a near-endless amount of curricula and online resources from which to choose.

The lesson leads into independent practice where students apply the rule they learned about one word at a time (for example, the narrator asks the student to “spell the word begging,” while the screen shows “beg ing =”; students then type “begging” after the equals sign).

The site is engaging for students, aligned to the CCSS, and provides real-time, actionable performance data for teachers (as well as additional instructional tools and resources).

It is a welcome tool for differentiating instruction and practice for all students. Teachers looking to enhance their classrooms may need to look for something more affordable—or free.

In the free-trial version of Core5, I had limited access to four levels of the student program: beginning mid-Kindergarten, beginning second grade, beginning fourth grade, and beginning fifth grade (though, as described previously, the full site offers content for pre-K through fifth grade).

The entire program ostensibly provides educators with ongoing student data and the appropriate resources to address each student’s needs.

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