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A few things needed to change, and I knew the only way Jay would see how serious I was, was if I ended the relationship."She reveals that she was "dying inside" throughout their entire break, even though she was putting up a tough exterior.

While spending time apart (they kept in touch the entire time), Cavallari learned she needed to be working."If I stayed at home, I wouldn't be happy and would probably end up resenting Jay for it," she confesses.6.

'I did ask him if I could - I wanna clear that up - and yeah, we were just having fun,' Kristin said this week.

'You know, we were just being silly.'Jay had played for the Chicago Bears from 2009 until the end of last year's season, and was officially released earlier this year. I am all set, were set.'The family's decamping from Chicago to Nashville, where they've already got a home and where Kristin and Jay got married, a source told People earlier this year.

I was very surprised he let me post a picture of his butt - but he did! I think it's great.'Days after returning from her break with the recently-signed Miami Dolphins quarterback, Kristin revealed that she was sure to get the go-ahead from Jay before she shared the intimate shot on her Instagram account. So, I just decided to post a picture,' she told Access Hollywood.

'I’m surprised he let me.'The image showed the sportsman staring out to sea as he stood apparently nude on a wooden balcony, showing off his athletic build.

So when I felt the producers were trying to break up my relationship, I ended up becoming exactly what they wanted from the get-go... , I got a phone call from my publicist saying that Jay cutler wanted to fly me to Chicago and take me on a date," she recalls, noting that it didn't sit well with her because she had a bad experience with Chicago athlete who asked her out the same way, but after some time she would learn that it wasn't him.

"And Chicago's just not home."Cavallari, who grew up in Barrington, opened up her Nashville-area home, which has six bedrooms, 10 1/2 bathrooms, a movie theater, pool and gazebo, for Elle in anticipation of the spring release of her lifestyle book, "Balancing in Heels."Cavallari, who has starred in reality shows "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" and "The Hills," said she has stepped out of the public eye since she moved to Chicago."I was a little nervous at first, to be honest, just because I didn't ...Knowing that she "didn't know how to deal with" or "handle my emotions," the MTV show producers would involve her in upsetting situations so that they would get a genuine, negative reaction from her for the cameras."I was only 17!I had some anger stored up from my parents' divorce and my new stepfamilies, which the producers saw," she explains.When the Access Hollywood reporter floated the idea of another baby, Kristen, 30, cut her off mid-sentence, assuring her: 'No. She's not certain 'that can happen in LA, with paparazzi and all that,' and explained that 'I don’t want cameras in my kids’ faces.'But Kristin hasn't ruled out reuniting with her former The Hills co-stars - including the likes of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Pratt and Whitney Port - in the future.She told Diana Madison: 'I am in Nashville and they are out here in LA.

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