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Her first major movie appearance earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Marisa was memorable as the sassy, Italian-accent-heavy fiancée of the movie’s namesake in , in which she appears as a stripper with whom the main character, a professional wrestler, develops a relationship.

It earned her several film-critic awards and an Academy Award nomination.

We've all drunk-texted or dialed people to embarrassing consequences (there's an archive somewhere out there of all my freshman year antics, I'm sure).

We've all made mistakes that we only discover upon our awakening sometime in the middle of the next day (or early in the morning, if you're like me and can't sleep hungover).

Teddy Bear, Teddy Boy, T-Mose, Teddy West-side, T-Dog, Schmosby, Architect of Destruction, Professor Brosby, Ted Vivian Mosby, Senor Tedifier, El Ganso con la Riñonera, Teddy Westchester, Lady Tedwina Slowsby Robin Scherbatsky (Girlfriend) Karen (ex-girlfriend) Victoria (ex-girlfriend) Dr.

There were rumors in the last year that he was dating his fellow country singer, her name is This popular American singer and songwriter was born in city of U. To prove a point, Ted does down all five believing they will have no effect on him.But the next thing he remembers is the next morning waking up in his bed, with a sprained ankle, next to both a pineapple and a brunette woman whose face he can't see as she is face down on the pillow.We've all made absolute fools of ourselves in front of a room full of strangers, surely.The episode is wonderfully relatable and really quite funny.

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  1. A broch tzu Columbus: A curse on Columbus A brocheh: A blessing A chazer bleibt a chazer: A pig remains a pig A chorbn: Oh, what a disaster (Oh shit! (Lit., A fire should meet him.) A finstere cholem auf dein kopf und auf dein hent und fiss: (a horrible wish on someone) A dark dream (nightmare) on your head, hands and feet! A langer lucksh: A tall person (a long noodle) A leben ahf dein kepele: A life on your head (A grandparent might say to a grandchild meaning "you are SO smart! A maidel mit a klaidel: A cutie-pie showing off her (new) dress. (Lit., A backside and a half.) A volf farlirt zayne hor, ober nit zayn natur: A wolf loses his hair but hot his nature. Ahf zu lochis: Spitefully (Lit: Just to get (someone) angry.) Ahntoisht: Disappointed Ahzes ponim: Impudent fellow Aidel: Cultured or finicky Aidel gepotchket: Delicately brought up Aidim: Son-in-law Ainikle: Grandchild Aitzeh: Advice Aiver butelt: Absent minded; mixed up Alaichem sholom: To you be peace. ) Balnes: Miracle-worker Bal Toyreh: Learned man, scholar Bal: Sure Bandit: Menace, outlaw, pain-in-the-neck Bareden yenem: To gossip Baren (taboo): Fornicate: bother, annoy Barimer: Braggart, show-off Bashert: Fated or predestined Ba:yekhide - A female only child Bashert zein: To be destined Batampte: Tasty , delicious Batlan: Someone without a trade or a regular means of livelihood Baysn zikh di finger vos: Regret strongly that........

  2. In another recently reported dating extortion scam, victims usually met someone on an online dating site and then were asked to move the conversation to a particular social networking site, where the talk often turned intimate.