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November 2 / Cleveland, OH Notes: Four years later, nearly to the day, and there was Bruce, once again, on the stump in the battleground state of Ohio in the final hours of a presidential campaign, doing his best to get a Democratic president back in the Oval Office.

With four more years of history to chew on, Springsteen has been energetic in his support for Barack Obama at a total now of four rallies in the past month, including Sunday afternoon's Change We Need rally in Cleveland.

On the bill with Bandiera's Jersey Shore Rock-N-Soul Revue were Tim Mc Loone and the Shirleys, Brian Fallon, Nicole Atkins, Gary U. Bonds, Southside Johnny, and Jon Bon Jovi; Springsteen's surprise appearance came at the end of the night, as he joined the house band and a few of the bill-toppers for a few Christmas songs, two classic covers, and one of his own.

" Joel dedicated "Movin' Out" to George Bush and Dick Cheney." said Bruce, otherwise a man of few words tonight.(Leave the quotables to Southside: "I'd wish you a merry Christmas, but it would be out of character" and "I get so sentimental, I have to drink myself into oblivion.") Springsteen opened his own set with a doubleshot of his holiday B-sides, "Merry Christmas, Baby" followed by "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Southside -- "Mr."People Get Ready" spotlighted all of the evening's performers, who then brought Barack Obama to the stage.Some inspiring words from Obama himself, who also offered plenty of praise for the night's artists: I want to thank John, India, all the wonderful musicians, and especially the two giants -- Bruce and Billy -- that I grew up listening to, and whose songs give a voice to ordinary folks that go to work each day wondering how they are going to pay all their bills and afford healthcare.

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