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I’ve had to deal with Broadcom chips in Macs long enough to know you don’t use Broadcom if you have other options, so I went ahead an ordered an Intel 7265 off Amazon, same that was in my X240/X250. Once opened up, I booted up Windows only in order to check if there were any BIOS or firmware updates to install. First task was to crack it open and swap out the Broadcom wifi for a far better Intel 7265. It was only off Amazon, and it by far beats the reception and support issues of Broadcom.

I don’t even know why people both asking when the driver will be supported, or try out dev builds, or what not.

I ordered the model with 16gb ram, QHD screen, 512gb drive.

At the time, Dell didn’t have any wireless options other than a “Dell Wireless” (aka, rebranded Broadcom). Like with Apple, it makes the unboxing a part of the experience.

The XPS 13’s ram is soldered in, so was never upgradable like the X240/X250’s was.

Dell has the XPS 13 Developer Edition, which is the XPS 13 with Ubuntu installed on it from the factory, and with a tested/supported hardware configuration.

The PM is a bit more of the mid-range model, while the SM is the top dog.In the end, I decided to install Ubuntu and go forth with it. I’m unsure if it is in part from the distro switch, or if it is the DPI being much better, but code looks even more beautiful on this machine. Asthetically, I always liked the matte black look of the Thinkpads and will miss that. I’ve seen a lot of people say how the XPS has a great battery life and all. Those things had an battery life, largely due to the the massive extended battery. I have the power companion for the XPS, but it isn’t quite the same. Mostly, the Ctrl and Fn keys are swapped compared to the X250 and the MBP.I couldn’t find a sane path with Arch, and didn’t want to burn a whole ton of time considering I had work to get done, and my alternative was the RAM eater. I took the chance to completely rewrite my Chef scripts, but found that pretty quick. I did end up installing the nightly drm-intel kernel, since I found without it, suspend/resume was broken. Otherwise, the move to the NVMe SSD is certainly nice. The XPS is beautiful, but the palm rest and what not seem to smudge or hold fingerprints. Mostly affects text selection and almost every Emacs shortcut.As you can see, I’m quite the prolific blogger when my last post was almost 11 months ago and was supposed to be me moving off of Linux. To summarize my past year in brief: The XPS 13 9350 is a refresh of the 9343, released earlier in the year.It was updated to the new Skylake processors, moved to using USB-C/USB 3.1, and most importantly, added 16gb as a factory option.

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If time is money, getting the Intel card is cheaper.

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