Intercultural dating relationships

Everybody has seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and that is a perfect example of this versus the extremely close family and friend ties that might seem odd to some of the modern Americans.A friend of mine who was getting his masters in Medicine at Boston University was telling me how one of his roommates used to make fun of him for talking to his mother every day and keeping her updated on how things are, since he was from LA. She gave birth to you, cleaned your piss and shit for 3 years, and then cleaned the metaphorical piss and shit for another 15, and you do not have the desire, let alone decency to see how she is doing?You can connect directly with Z at @Zareh Zurabyan.We have all heard the cliché sayings of how similar human beings are: and that is true fundamentally, as far as the human species goes, but our relationships are not based on just mammalian human-human interactions: humans have evolved differently throughout planet earth, developing different cultures and mindsets.One must accept that in order to fully embrace a relationship, whether love or friendship – but let’s stick to love, because it’s more…sexy.I personally believe that the differences are beautiful and create a challenge for a person to explore their deepest ideologies.With that city comes countless number of cultural characteristics.The post soviet era with the modern westernized schooling of the streets, neighborhood, school and parenting has shaped me and everybody else’s character during that period.

There is a large population of Americans that all they did was drugs and sex, and because of that a whole new generation was born into these dysfunctional families, and they had no foundation to build upon to make their own.All types of intercultural couples, anywhere from Uganda to Russia.I personally have a lot of Russian, Middle Eastern, and European friends, as well as many from The Caucuses.What this romanticism is, is this idea of everybody for themselves, you are your own person, you don’t need anybody else, you can do everything on your own. America is the only country where once you turn 18, parents kick you out and say you are an adult now, go make things happen.As great as that concept is, it has detrimental affects of the intimacy of family and friends.

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