Infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

The later models of PDAs offered touchscreen technology which, depending on the model, could provide much faster and more intuitive interaction than the older family of PDAs.The introduction of touchscreen technology for PDAs was not a complete success, one of the most notable complaints from touchscreen PDA users was when it came to entering text, on older models it could be cumbersome and frustrating.The X30 Mid uses the same 312MHz XScale processor but includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as double the memory capacity.The X30 High is the model I evaluated, and the extra will get you a 624MHz processor with a cradle compared to the X30 Mid.), or Personal Data Assistant as it is otherwise known, refers to a hand-held device that incorporates several handy features.

The device feels much more solid in my hand than the X5, especially when comparing the directional pads.

While I appreciated the low cost and dual slots, I had a few stability issues with the X5 that resulted in my moving on to another device.

I am happy to say that these issues were not present on the Axim X30 "High" that Dell gave me to evaluate.

Typical PDAs support Internet access and include software you would normally find on an office computer, such as word processing and spreadsheet software.

The advent of smartphones and tablets has largely rendered the PDA obsolete, with the average smartphone offering features that go far-and-beyond what the PDA could provide.

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