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As far as what my views are on filesharing, well, people probably know by now. I do believe in supporting artists whose work you enjoy, though.

Generally speaking though I don't view the problems associated with internet copyright as "good" or "bad", just as an evolution that people are going to have to adjust to.

I haven't been around much of late, and hope to rectify that in 2012, but let me thank everyone for the great reviews and posts.

And congratulations to the cast and crew of for what appears to be an outstanding film.

Nowadays, I might go as high as a month, but even that figure is shrinking.

I haven't bought a membership to anything recently as nothing new has really rung my bell and there's just so much legitimitely (not file-sharing) free stuff out there to satisfy my needs.

Brutus wrote: Also, as always, great year-end lists, A Canadian and Ralphus. I was starting to worry about those growing rumors that you had left Bring out the GIMP to go join a new site moderated by Bondage Dave. Renzo Novatore wrote: Maleficarum looks pretty good, but it's way too expensive currently for my tastes. I said then that .99 for a DVD was on the high end.

In fact, if there were a reasonable way for me to get my hands on original DVD copies of some of my favorite Japanese films, I would prefer that route. Renzo Novatore has done a good job making the point about buying unseen movies.

Right now, the minimum cost to see Maleficarum, even if it's only for a one-time viewing, is .

Is that "pricey" for two hours of movie entertainment? ----- Ralphus wrote: Why not just admit you don't want to see it? 24 with the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future.

Au contraire, I've been quite keen to rent the movie. ----- Ralphus also wrote: This was after he was offered a free DVD by a member of this board and still turned it down. If members of this forum have some extra dollars in their wallets, I would prefer to see the money go to charity.

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It's a torture-filled movie and that's not going to ring everyone's bell.

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