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After being dumped at the altar by Crystal Harris, Hef tells friends, "I should have married Holly."Even though Hugh Hefner has supposedly jumped into the arms of another Playmate (reportedly Anna Sophia Berglund) to help him get through the pain of having been dumped (practically) at the altar by ex-fiancee Crystal Harris, Hef is reportedly feel a bit wistful about one of his exes: Holly Madison.phase of the Playboy CEO's life, made it no secret that she had wanted to marry him and have his kids while they were together. It sure seems like it, especially since she reportedly stopped by the Playboy Mansion to lend her support to Hef after she learned of his breakup and even now seems to still be a caring friend.

(She even reportedly paid for her own fertility treatments to try to get pregnant.)And now that Hef has seen how supposedly cold and calculating Crystal has been about their breakup (some speculate that she merely used Hugh to jump-start her 15 minutes of fame,) Hef has been reportedly telling friends, "I should have married Holly." Hugh Hefner Isn't 'Nervous At All' About Marrying Crystal Harris However, sadly for him, according to Hollywood Life.com, 32-year-old Holly, who now stars in her own reality show about her life as a Vegas showgirl called "That chapter of her life is closed," said a pal, noting that Holly is currently dating a nightclub owner named Jesse Waits, (whom we're guessing is much closer to her age.) Holly Madison Wants A Baby. (Holly was even wary of Crystal's intentions from the start, although it was easy for everyone to chalk that up to jealousy at the time.)Still, you never know what could happen in the future.

Kendra says that her time with Hef was very limited: "The most we kind of say to each other is, 'I love you,' 'Love you too,' 'I hope you have a good day,' 'Did you have a good day?

’ I tell them ‘No’, it’s not about that,” Hefner says. It just depends on what I am in the mood for.” Intercut throughout Hefner’s comments, shot in shaky-cam style, three unidentified models play along: “He can have anything he wants.

I don’t know how he makes the choice,” one of them says.

We wanted it to feel as if they were Hugh’s girls and make the point that variety’s the spice of life.” The two spots breaking later present variations on the creative theme and feature different Carl’s Jr. “In the second, Hefner says that it’s hard to make up his mind, and that he likes them all, not one more than another,” explained Mendelsohn.

“There are intercut flashes of Playboy models as he talks, but they have no lines.

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Wilkinson admits that the eldest girlfriend, Bridget Marquardt, apparently never cheated on Hef.

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