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Once you get so many points, you can get the guy’s event scene. Once you get that, the dialogue options will change.It’s a bit like working your way up through levels of a relationship.This is a playgirl story; she lived a life full of sins and because of her sins, she cannot enter the Heaven Gates.She can break the curse and the condition for doing that is to find her soul mate in Heavehill town before the time ends. Halloween pumpkin unfortunately fallen into a big hole. So help the Halloween pumpkin to escape from the big hole by using some objects from there. So don't miss the objects to collect before you go to further step otherwise you have to fall again into the previous step and collect the objects then play the same steps again.Finally the rescued pumpkin will goes to celebrate the 2012 happy Halloween festival.

She tries to hurry into the car but he catches her, spins her and grabs her from behind by the throat, and arm around her torso pushing up her breasts.

However, each guy has five individual scenes, so you still get the feel of each route being different.

Check out the artist’s page or the link provided at the top to play the game.

It tells you how many points you need and when you can get the events. She will give you all the info you need on how to play the game.

I would also recommend getting your guy of choice’s meter up to 1000 MAX. Then there is the cheat room that you can unlock by finding the key. You can buy the codes with in-game stats, or you can just google search for them. Only four of them appear in the intros, and the other four are hidden characters that unlock on certain days.

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