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This 19th-century Victorian town home with winding staircases and corridors is home to an array of luxurious suites and rooms.

When she returned to her bed she noticed a vase of roses on her end table, "That elf with the sock on his foot left them there," Lavender said.

With costumes encouraged, you can’t miss this experience.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Many of the sites and scenes from the films are located throughout the country of England, but the studio tour at Warner Bros.

It also offers a famed high-tea service that’s a must for your girl gang!

Hermione is a Veela and discovers this shortly before their fourth year. A/N- I have 33 pages so far of this story but I decided to post the first one first just to see if I got reviews that liked the concept. I thought it was only a problem on my own end at first. Her hair was far more tolerable and easier to control. That was one change she wholeheartedly approved of.

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