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A couple of my friends who bought the speakers before I did have the ones that support 110 - 120V. Although I am pretty sure all speakers are now 110 - 240V.My friends had bought their sets long before I did. Go to the store and check the power ratings for yourself. The small (non-continuos) ones you can use to power tiny appliances like cordless phones, radio alarm clock etc.Cancellation charges are accounted under the head ‘Miscellaneous Coaching Receipts’.The Miscellaneous coaching receipts have been growing continuously.

Indian Railways is the backbone of the long distance public transport system in the country.I asked if I can a 110-240V adapter from Bose outlet in India. For those of you who have taken Bose back to India is the power supply 110-120V if so what are you doing to solve this issue. Anyone has taken this or other Bose products from USA to India. My question is the power supply 110-120V or is it 110-240V.I called the customer support and they told me 110-120V which wont work in India. Somehow I am not very comfortable with the transformer idea as I have been told it may have adverse impact. PS: Just curious why rigmarole as id of all things?These rules might help the railways optimally use the seats in various classes since passengers might cancel tickets 4 hours prior to the departure to get the refund.The modified refund time limit of up to half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train for RAC and partially confirmed tickets will also help the passengers a great deal.

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The New Cancellation & Refund Rules The Ministry of Railways said that the new rules are to help genuine passengers and to plug the scope of misuse of ticketing activity by unscrupulous elements.

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