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By the end of the trading day on Tuesday, Tencent’s outstanding shares were worth a combined 4.08 trillion Hong Kong dollars (3 billion), surpassing Facebook’s 9 billion.Despite its stratospheric climb, Tencent is still some way behind the world’s most valuable company, Apple, which is currently valued at 3 billion.On Sunday, CEO of Oasis Med Spa Freda Francis held her push party with close friends and family in attendance.Photos from the event were on social media and also in attendance was actor and comedian AY Makun.Last week, Tencent said profit had grown nearly 70 percent in the third quarter, when compared with the same period last year, well outpacing expectations.Its accelerating growth has sent its shares shooting higher in recent days.

Mabel also shared screenshots of a chat between two people who appear to be Freda and AY.

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China’s social media and video game giant Tencent became more valuable company than Facebook on Tuesday.

Tencent’s Hong Kong-listed shares have doubled in value this year, and on Monday it became the first Asian company with a market capitalisation of half a trillion dollars.

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