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If any would have the proper Names, Terms of Law, Navigati­on (or any other Art) by themselves, they may go through the whole and (with delight and profit) reduce them all to their par­ticular Heads. Therefore you will often meet with words explain'd in their dependance and re­lat—.Thanks Sam and MJO for hosting the tourney and giving me Super Mario World from Club Nintendo. Though one thing I would like to say to make the tourney better is to get rid of the bias you broskis have.Last year, when it was the final four you mentioned of Paleselan streaming the finals and then you both lost it was dropped, though I was wondering when it would happen.Our changes are all professedly owing to the Conquests, especially of The first was far the greater, and by virtue of That the body of our Language is still Teutonick: But the Last is that which more nearly concerneth us; because, though its first irruption was not a violent Inundation, yet it forced us to such a Communicati­on with that our Genius is wrought into some resem­blance of theirs: and (to imitate them) we bring home fashions, terms and phrases from every Nation and Language under Hea­ven. For when the Terms of Art are reduced to their several Heads, you must know (in general) what your word is, before you can possi­bly tell where to seek it; or else (as they say) you must look a needle in a bottle of Hay. Sure then they are proper Names; But they are not there neither. Why, look till you find and you will not lose your labour.Thus we should fill one another with Confusion and Barba­rity, were it not for some such faithful Interpreter as is here pre­sented to the Prince of Isles. Suppose you want the meaning of they are not in the Common herd; where will you look them? Some that pretend to correction and exactness, transcribe out of others (hand over head) their very faults and all. And a thousand more such, which simple Children would be apt to contradict, but Men of Judgement (for whom they were not writ) know where the mistake might lie.

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