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Prasun was still sleeping with the laptop in his lap.In spite of repeated attempts to wake him up, he was like a dead man.I got up and as usual did all the packing by throwing all my clothes in the backpack (although I kept all the stuff ready previous night at a single place). After loading all the stuff and wrapping tarpauline sheet all around, to protect it from dirt and rain, we were up and cruising at around 8' o clock.After a very little breakfast (half cup of milk and two slices of brown bread) and loading everything on my motorcycle, I experienced something very Indian. that's getting too much) I kick-started my bike and with the thump, cruising through the narrow streets I reached the place where I was supposed to pick up the pillion. After 10 minutes of the ride, we saw the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (....

From her voice I could guess she was half asleep as she enquired “when I am going to pick her up”??

We were only 40 Kms away from Simla(our stop for overnight), when we encountered heavy rainfall, short though. We stopped in between and took shelter under a small fruit vendor's temporary shed as it was raining really hard.

We took this opportunity to call Prasun, my friend in Simla, also our host for the overnight stay at his place.

My mother was standing next to me with pride, also I could sense some fear in her eyes too and my father was checking if everything was tied properly on my motorcycle. I called her up and within no time she came out of the building with her backpack (Ohhh... I mean sunlight), there was no rain and the sky.....bright. After a while I felt like having some fresh Mosambhi (citrus limetta) juice but couldn't find any shop or vendor and then I sighted a 'ganne Ka juice wala' (sugarcane juice vendor) actually there were many and as soon as I powered the brake, all of them became active and did their best to attract us to their respective stalls.

We stopped at one and ordered two glasses of fresh juice without ice.

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For many kilometres we couldn’t find any shop with helmets but there was a Mc Donald's on the highway where we stopped to munch something (what something.... It was really hot outside and we felt it as soon as we sat on the motorcycle that was parked open in the sun.

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