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You can also branch discussions into specific topics that are quarantined in their own little add-on modules (imagine you’re Pepsi or United airlines, and dealing with a major media controversy–these modules would quickly allow you to add a topic all about the incident without messing with the core capabilities of your bot). Not only was she programmed to respond with the sort of insider joke punchlines that simply slay in an office setting, she made the real Suzanne cringe, ever-bracing for another virtual pie in the face. And even though Suzannebot never developed more logic than offering pre-scripted one-liners, my coworkers actually started asking her opinions on things, and even pitching her stories.

On my first day with Dexter, I built Chef Schwarzenegger, a vegan Terminator bot who wants to help you make dinner tonight through Facebook Messenger. The novelty of branching responses and dialog trees already had worn thin. Though always in jest, the trend was clear: Suzannebot was subtly subverting Suzanne’s authority.

I built in RSS feeds that you could summon with a command: “@Suzannebot, what’s on ? I scrubbed through JSON databases–I get norm-folk shivers just typing the word–for publicly available data that Suzannebot might be able to pull for us. The feature had seemed ingenious the first time I got it working in the Dexter simulator.

But I knew the reaction was going to be bad in the middle of my big presentation to the staff.

The answers confirmed my suspicions: These highly educated individuals, fully cognizant of my own incapabilities with code, imagined Suzannebot as smart enough to compete with Watson at Jeopardy–a Slack bot with the human logic and emotional nuance of Suzanne herself.

Just like me, a guy who learned a few lines of a basic coding language yesterday, the most powerful technology companies in the world are hiding their AI inadequacies behind jokes. By now, I’d gone so far as to disable Suzannebot’s autoresponder. I began my presentation in Slack, walking through the trials that all innovators, such as myself, faced.

However, I really knew I’d flopped when the room went from being lovingly mocking to gently polite.“I’m very impressed! “Especially when you consider what Suzannebot could do last week! She’s handy if you forget something, like the common tags we use in our articles, which she’ll list if you ask her.

Developing the project taught me something important: The most useful features I could add to Suzannebot weren’t functional, but informational.

Its market is anyone from hobbyists like me, to small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies–anyone who might need a chatbot, but doesn’t have the resources to build their own Siri. Dexter’s code is pulled from the open source project Rivescript, which is infinitely simpler than the command-filled code of other chatbot options.

The two-year-old startup wants to make chatbots both easier to build, and easier to actually deploy on Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, and Twitter. It’s one-half tutorial, a superb, step-by-step FAQ that explains in very plain terms how to build a bot in a language that’s similar to HTML. It’s a terminal window in which you code, along with a mock-up i Phone where you can quickly preview if your code worked.

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Bots are better when their interactions are constrained to a few choices and quick exchanges with guided prompts.

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