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The admin module (Figure 2) is the developed graphical user interface (GUI)[25],[26],[27] which allows user to connect to the database server to get server saved data and perform data manipulation operations.

It mainly consists of some GUI features: User name, Password, Host, Set default host, Login, Refresh, User, Date from, Date to, Retrieve, Total records and About us (Table 1).

The job of Admin module is to let administrator connect to database server (using valid login name, password and host name), have all stored data and search particular records using provided filters.

Additionally a security mechanism is also developed and deployed for the user, client and admin authentication, while logging, sending and receiving requests at servers (print and main both).keyboard, mouse, printers, universal serial bus etc) [35],[36].

The busiest hours on the free chat line are between 10pm and 2 am daily, with Saturday night/Sunday morning being the busiest day part.

Telephone chatlines and telephone dating lines sprang up in early 1981 in California.

Section 4 validates the potential of PCM System with the help of a case study of a real time scenario.

Telephone Chatlines With Webcams: By 1999, some chatline numbers offered the ability of callers to download videos on their home computers as part of the benefit of becoming a member. In early 2005, some chatlines offered callers the ability to see each other, while talking to each other, via videocams. In 1988, the State of New York, at the height of the AIDS crisis forbade telephone companies from terminating phone chatlines.

Some telephone chatlines featured performers who talk to callers privately. : The typical conversation between two gay men lasts about 20-minutes, while the typical conversation between a man and woman lasts about 10-minutes. New York State Health officials believed chatlines were preventing the spread of HIV and STDs during the height of the AIDS and STD crisis. Today the major chatline providers are Lava Life, Quest and The Free Chat Line at 712-432-5700Your privacy is important to us.

I have a number of ongoing projects: which includes the academic venture funding of .3M received for establishing the Vanderbilt ACCRE cluster for which I served as an investigator on the proposal.

Abstract This manuscript presents research conducted towards the proposition, design and implementation of an intranet hardware control and data management system.

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