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Some abandon anonymous play for safer communities or “clans” where good behavior is the norm.

Sarkeesian’s project, something “broke through,” he said.

Portnow, who will be speaking on a gaming convention panel later this month called “Ending Harassment in Gaming.” “But that’s not true any longer,” he added.

“We are a real mass medium, and we have a real effect on the culture.

Just as on the broader Internet, there are people who delight in piquing anger or frustration in others, or “trolling.” For trolls, offensive language — sexist, racist, homophobic comments — are interchangeable weapons that vary with the target.

“They treat the Internet like a vast game,” where offending others scores points, Mr. But the standard advice to ignore the taunts (“don’t feed the trolls”) is now, in the wake of Ms.

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It cheekily catalogs the slurs, threats and come-ons women receive while playing games like Resident Evil or Gears of War 3.

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