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Here are some examples of how victims have been ensnared into human trafficking: One noteworthy incident used a technique called crowdsourcing, that is, taking a job that had been traditionally performed by a designated agent and outsourcing it to an undefined, large group of people in the form of an open call.

In May 2010, an anti–human trafficking activist became aware of a Russian woman traveling with a female friend.

One research report notes the necessity of bringing together various protocols (including those of the academic community, government, law enforcement, private industry, and NGOs).

The report suggests future research questions, including: There have been hopeful signs generated in efforts using the Internet and other technologies to combat human trafficking.

Another type of trafficking effort starts with an online employment search and results in an unsuspecting victim relocating from her home on the promise of an unbelievably good job.

After the victim has joined the offender, various techniques are used to restrict the victim’s access to communication with home, such as imposing physical punishment unless the victim complies with the trafficker’s demands and making threats of harm and even death to the victim and her family.

Finally, posts from the most commonly listed telephone numbers revealed that identical phone numbers were sometimes used to advertise individuals of different ages and descriptions, in different locations, at different times.

The activist then posted an online plea to an anti–human trafficking discussion group that led off with “Help me help my friend in D.

C.” and described the situation of the two traveling women.

Opinions are varied whether this result aided the overall effort to combat human trafficking.

Some law enforcement agencies and anti–trafficking activists believe that Craigslist was the most responsive online site to law enforcement inquiries and its cooperation provided invaluable assistance in devising methods to investigate and combat human trafficking.

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