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something awesome about those fleshlites that I don't get from intercourse and the same is true in reverse when I slam it in as far as I can and empty my twins.So glad I googled "How often does a 75 YO man masturbate" Wow just like when we were 13 or so thinking we were the only kid in the world that pulled on his firehose.....

Watching what you do it very common and helps straight men and gay men alike keep their erection and ejaculate fully. I masturbate about six times/week - occasionally missing a day and every month or so having a 3/4 day break.I'm married, but I find that I like to jerk of senior men with large cocks. I generally use a vibrator because at 70 years of age I generally only get semi-hard.My main medication for erectile potency is Cialis or - to a lesser extent - the daily 5mg Cialis.Besides, i have learnt about prostate milking and find it a very pleasurable experience.Will someone of my age group advise if i am doing an excess? Eager Horse, I don't see any reason to refrain from masturbating at any age.

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