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In included such information as her marital, educational, work and family background.When she was filling out the work part she thought her current situation might actually be of aid to her.

Her father was dead and her mother lived in a retirement home in San Francisco consuming whatever might be left of an in heritance that she might see, although she did not begrudge that.

She only hoped there was enough that she didn't have to start helping financially since she could not even help herself.

She knew if she didn't get her head in the right position she would never express the right energy to get a good job, or anything else for that matter.

Her yoga had helped, but she couldn't afford the classes anymore and had dropped out. She still tried to meditate in the afternoon, when she was not interviewing, but she could not clear her mind.

She still had her Internet, so she had been cruising yoga sites looking for new things to try (if she had been a guy she could just use porn sites.) when she found a site that seemed to be looking for information from people like her.

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"Our lives have moved in different directions since we got together. I have rented another place so I will leave you with this one.

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