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Deer Lab's Heat Maps allow you to visually see how bucks move at certain times of the year.

Besides being addictive, you'll start to see patterns on your property that you might have overlooked just viewing photos.

Profiling unique bucks (or other animals) help you get the most from your cameras.

Of course you'll still have to climb that tree, but picking the right stand and time becomes a whole lot easier.

All data communication to and from the camera operates on the reliability of the AT&T network.

You do NOT have to have AT&T service on your current phone plan, nor do you have to sign a contract with AT&T since the data is provided through Bushnell and renewals are provided also through Bushnell.

Deer Lab not only allows you to change individual time stamps, you can now change thousands of photos at once with a click of the button.

High resolution images are full 3,5 or 8MP images saved to the SD card on the camera.

You can request these full resolution images remotely over the wireless network and also receive your images directly off of the SD card.

) of photos showing blowing grass, rain, squirrels and other false positives.

Deer Lag Auto-Tags your photos and sorts them so you can quickly get a head start on identifying unique bucks (or whatever animal you’re looking for).

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The camera performs on data provided by Bushnell at no charge, for the first 30 days.

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