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Jean Mc Quillin, a case management nurse, had just moved into a rental apartment from the home she had shared with her then-husband.

Karen Bush's job as a corporate consultant required her to travel often, which meant making arrangements for her cat and fish — and returning to an empty house. Increasingly, female boomers and older women — both bosom buddies and strangers — are moving in together as a way to save money and form a community.

In a home share, the residents can also split household chores, feel safer with more people around, and grow older at home without feeling isolated.

The Logistics of Living Together After conferring with attorneys, accountants and financial planners, Mc Quillin, Machinist and Bush took out a three-way mortgage on a brick, five-bedroom, 5,000 colonial in Mount Lebanon, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Louise Machinist, a clinical psychologist, was ready to move out of her house now that her children were grown.

"My hunch is that money will be the incentive to get over the fear of 'Me? "But it's also having someone say, 'How is your day?

' and having a social connection that feeds the soul." Few could deny that there are emotional and physical benefits from friendship and social engagement — and research supports this.

They each contribute a 0 gift card, with which they buy and share groceries — if someone entertains family or friends, she pays separately — and they occasionally eat together.

They have house rules, including no overnight guests for more than seven consecutive nights, with built-in flexibility.

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  1. ("Near" means close, short, or draws near.) Examinations may last up to 72 hours after a person is deemed medically stable and occur in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide.