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Everybody dressed up, the best horderves, including duck liver pate, a mountain of shrimp, a chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries, champagne, house decorated to the max, even a bartender. It was freezing cold that night and that meant that all us smokers, which was most of us back then, had to exit out of the house to get our nicotine fix to the back patio area, which was also seasonally adorned, complete with the appropriate lighting.

I tell you, most everybody drank pretty hard and heavy.

I was spending more time at bar near where I worked with my business associates, Nick included, getting hammered holding down those barstools while Betty was back at the house.

Understand, we were all in our late twenties and pretty athletic. I had played football at a small college, and Nick was scholarship athlete, a baseball pitcher who eventually had to give it up because of bad rotator cuff injury. Betty was a knock out herself, she was only five feet tall, but just perfectly portioned.

There seemed to be lots of girls who believed that they could “fix me”. But Betty and I hit it off somehow and the next thing I knew, we were married.

Let me tell you, she was a sexy thing, and she was happy to indulge my fantasies.

Totally drunk, totally uninhibited, and I was a lot more turned on by what I was watching than I was angry, jealous, or any other kind of emotion that the normal world would judge as appropriate. Watching Betty and Nick in their crazed state of passion caused my own sexual juices to enflame. It was past midnight and we quickly thanked our host, our Boss, for the great party, wished everybody a merry Christmas and quickly got in my car, we left car Nick’s there, and made our way a few miles back to our house.

Betty’s hand was now grouping it, stroking it threw my charcoal grey suit pants.

I reached in to touch her pussy at the same time and found Nick’s hand already there.

Things were moving quickly now, but I needed some assurance, some sign that the real objects of my long desires were now obtainable. I had my hand there, just holding steady, firmly, having no idea what to expect next. I moved my face to her face, moved my lips to her lips, and her lips were so engaged with Nick’s, and so all three of us combined our lips, our tongues, our spit, into one single point of overflowing passion.

My left hand, which was already around Nick’s waist moved, almost by itself, downward and to the front of his crotch area, and it was almost like diving into a dark lake as it reached in and firmly grasped Nick’s cock and balls. But the world did not end, it was almost like he had not paid any notice to my action. He just continued deep kissing my beautiful sexy wife. From the beginning of this dance that started back at the Christmas party and until the moments when we stood there in our dining room, in our passionate stances, not a whole lot of conversation took place. We were going to have it all, and it was with that single mindset that we made our way down the hall to our bedroom.

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