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Eight dwelling houses inhabited by laborers were com- pletely demolished. The cane shed, which was the largest and finest in the state, was wrecked. Washington, April i ^ — The adverse turn of the balance of trade against the United States continues to be shown by the figures of the bureau of statistics.

Six physicians of the town and the city officials are doing all that is possi- ble to relieve the sufferings of the in- jured people. Bernard sugar house and the Island of Cuba plantation house were badly damaged. Eunice was killed in the col- lapse of the Island sugar house. A Man and Woman Arrested For the Terri- ble Palace Royal Explosion in Paris. The total exports of breadstuffs for last month were ,866,000; for the corres- ponding month in 189: they were ,- 072,000, a falling off for the month of J6q, 206,000.

Cleveland considers it a good precedent to establish.

1 believe that ultimately the people will unanimously ratify the policy." _ HE FELT DORAN S POWER. Doe's Appointment on the Chippewa Indian Commission. Baldwin would not discuss the matter when asked if U M'as true today.

My under- standing is that all of the land offices in the Northwest pay the maximum of S3000 and 1 do not wonder tha: the Democrats are anxious to get them, hut the policy of the president has already been plainly stated and there will be no variation from it. Of the latest styles, Cork sole Shoes for TI7AQ1"* ^^^^'^ Ladies' and Wudl Gents' best Shoes for spring weather.

London, April 15.— A sensational statement was made today in the probate court, in the hearing before the presi- dent, Sir Francis Henry Jeune, of the Sutherland will contest instituted by the present duke of Sutherland to overthrow the will made by his father, the late duke of Sutherland, in favor of the Dowager duchess, the second wife of the late duke.

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s of the best citizens of ^ Duloth, who have availed themselvee of its advautagos. The Senate Killed the General Road and Bridge Bill and Few Measures Will Pass. It looks as if but a few more bills would get through. The following bills passed the house last night: Lommen's bill, providing for an appropriation of 0,000 to drain and improve water courses of the Red river; the appropriation extends over four vears and the Great Northern road adds ,000; Keller's bill providing for the management of the state reforma- tory. This amount is more\han double the expenditure at any previous international exposition. Paul dispatches the other day it was stated that Senator Donnelly denounced Mr.

The Jacobson bill, which provides that all elevators at terminal points should become public, was called up and again killed. Howard, of Hennepin county, for making away with his bill regarding the pine land investi- gation, after it passed the house.

The Barrett bill, another act to make all elevators at terminal points public and prevent raising or lowering grades at terminal points, came up and was passed by a vote of 64 to 20.

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