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Feedster has been in the midst of the explosive growth of RSS and we have outgrown a lot of legacy front-end code.

Feedsters current front-end was originally built in 2003 by a single engineer without an organized development process.

About the only thing it's been useful for is finding the latest spam blogs to begin stealing my content.

To those of us working at Feedster every day, it is definitely a transition for the better.

We remain the preeminent resource for user-generated content, and our goal is to provide the most effective way for people to access the content and also create advertising opportunities around it.

When I was asked to join the company by the founders and Scott Rafer (former CEO) in 2004, Scott Rafer and I viewed Feedster as a media business and as a raw asset in a rapidly evolving space.

Our view was to build an index of feeds that could be accessed through Feedster.com, but more importantly to give publishers, large and small, the ability to utilize our index as a content resource or as platform for more effective RSS advertising.

is a core asset, but we never intended to compete with other legacy search engines and create a destination search site.

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