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It may still be in your skit but it cannot / must not be a focal point of your skit, nor its punch line. Additionally, we ask that you exercise kindness to your audience and refrain from using certain internet memes if at all possible (especially as your punch line).

Yes, rick-rolling over 9000 and then losing the game over and over has been fun, but we would prefer to see your creativity in generating the next meme.

If you absolutely cannot be judged at a time other than during the show that can be arranged, but it is not preferred.

All contestants are expected to be courteous and respectful onstage; your skit should not be used as a jibe/insult against someone, nor should you use your stage time to make a political/religious/etc. Due to issues in years past, Yaoi / Yuri will be extremely curtailed.

These costumes may be pre-registered just as all other costumes are (1st come, 1st served for the 5-10 slots available), with the added caveat that staff may require a picture of the character and possibly the costume itself before accepting the registration.

Please check the forums closer to the pre-registration opening date for more information about what is expected of international costumes.

Jumping off the stage will result in instant disqualification. The aisles and other audience areas are not to be used for any part of the presentation. Please don’t wear or use any messy substances that might ruin the costume of another participant.

If you are wearing body paint or make-up, please make sure it will not come off in casual contact with others.

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This does not mean people, but actual contesting entries. The only exception to this is group craftsmanship, where the group limit is four (4). The masquerade itself will likely run Saturday from pm – pm local time, but this is subject to change.

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