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Pairing Ferrell and Wahlberg as the incompetent cop duo is a good move on director Mc Kay's part.

While it doesn't hit the mark of previous Ferrell/Mc Kay success story (Anchorman), their chemistry works its low-brow magic to provide a sense of fun much needed in wannabe blockbusters.

In NYC people begin to inexplicably commit suicide in their droves in another of M Night Shyamalan's paranoia thrillers with twisty endings.

Despite diverting from the narrative through teacher protagonist Elliot (Wahlberg) and his dull-arsed marital problems, this is at least better than the dire Lady in The Water, which…

Based on the true story of half-brothers Micky Ward (Wahlberg) and Dicky Eklund (Bale), David O Russell's biopic charts their rise from a white trash neighbourhood in Massachusetts during the 1980s to world welterweight champion (Ward) and jail (Eklund).

Featuring some seriously good performances, and a contender for…

Despite good work from Wahlberg and Johnson and a creditable attempt by Bay to make something less bloated than usual, the director's weaknesses for over-length and…

Washed-up private investigator Taggart (Wahlberg) is drawn into a web of corruption when the Mayor (Crowe) hires him to investigate his (the Mayor's) wife.

Wahlberg, Kitsch, Hirsch and Foster are highly effective as the squad members and Berg somewhat redeems 2011's Battleship by largely avoiding jingoism. Daniel (Wahlberg) is a bodybuilding coach who enlists fellow musclemen Paul (Johnson) and Adrian (Mackie) in a kidnapping scheme that goes very, very wrong.

Over-complicated but sporadically effective noir, with a smart plot marred by slack characterisation and weird directorial decisions.

John (Wahlberg) is a grown man living with a potty-mouthed teddy bear who came to life as the result of a childhood wish.

Entrepreneur Bobby (Phoenix) and straight-laced policeman Joseph (Wahlberg) are the feuding sons of grizzled senior Burt (Duvall), and one look at Bobby's diamond earring makes it clear which brother isn't sticking to the family's stern moral code.

Both Phoenix and Wahlberg give strong, moody performances, yet, despite…

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