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(If you’d like to check out the book for yourself you can find it here.) The conference was absolutely wonderful.But since most of you couldn’t be there with me, I put together this blog post so that you too can experience some of the fantastic presentations I saw!There is not much evidence left of their influence, but the Moors were present from the 700s until they were expelled in 1609.Pirate attacks forced inhabitants to retreat to a walled section two kilometers inland from the coast. Today it is the historic Old Quarter, where you can still see the 14th century Gothic church of San Bartolome, around which the town was built.There are a number of windmills in the area, with some that date back to as early as the 14th century. The conference itself was held at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and we were surrounded by large model ships (and a giant squid) for all of our talks – I can’t think of a more perfect setting, considering most of the talks featured early modern European explorers and mariners.These maps were included in a book written and edited by Lauren and Chet.The volume was published by Vernon Books and includes full-colour images of the maps, essays contextualizing them, and amazing bibliographies, all of which I can easily see using as a teaching tool in the future.

The bars offer live music besides ice cold beer and cocktails, and may stay open until the wee hours of the morning. There is a marine sanctuary in nearby San Antonio, where you can enjoy diving or snorkeling.During the 60s, Javea was converted from a sleepy fishing town into one of the centers of Spanish tourism, right alongside Marbella and Mallorca as one of the premiere holiday destinations in the country.The port area houses some restaurants, a gravel beach and the marina.Finally, I’d especially like to think Elizabeth Mancke, my supervisor, for sponsoring my attendance at this conference.Ok, without any further ado, let’s get to the history!

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  1. In the immediate aftermath of Jesus' death his followers expected him to return at any moment, certainly within their own lifetimes, and in consequence there was little motivation to write anything down for future generations, but as eyewitnesses began to die, and as the missionary needs of the church grew, there was an increasing demand and need for written versions of the founder's life and teachings.

  2. Cross-examined by Richard Ferguson QC, defending Mrs West, he said Mrs Owens was not crying and that he did not notice any bruising on her face.