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Due to all the things that can go wrong, he makes more clones, including a faulty "paper-jam" Dipper.

As everything is prepared, Dipper runs into Wendy waiting for the bathroom and talk like "normal people" where they reveal some secrets such as Wendy looking like a dork and Dipper's birthmark.

While Dipper and Mabel attempt to figure out how the copier works, they discover that the copier machine can reanimate copied human bodies and body parts back to life (but the copies can be disintegrated with any liquid, but in the episode they were only disintegrated by water and soda).

After making copies of the flyers, Stan tells Wendy and Mabel to work the ticket stand; but Dipper volunteers to take Mabel's place because Mabel wants to attend the party to make new friends.

During the end credits, it shows Soos playing every key on his keyboard one at a time.

Dipper daydreams that he and Wendy will dance on a classy dance floor with Soos in the background playing a trombone.

Mabel says he is making the situation over-complicated, but Dipper simply ignores her.

Once Wendy can use the bathroom, all the Dipper clones assault the real Dipper for not obeying the list and lock him in a closet, but he escapes and it eventually leads to a big clone fight.

Dipper eventually melts them all, except for Tyrone.

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Each one makes a different strange sound such as a doorbell ringing, baby crying, the "yeah-yeah" or something equally strange.

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