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True, you may feel pretty special when the bell first rings on your relationship and, if you’re lucky, you’ll even see your fair share of satin robes falling to the ground as well.But, once you’ve endured several rounds of romance, the gloves’ll come off, you’ll start sweating over the smallest of things and – as is only to be expected when getting into the ring with a hard-hitting, stone-cold stunner – you’ll be inevitably and spectacularly knocked out. Despite having the odds stacked royally against you, you can still roll with the punches.if you put a turbo and a supercharger on two different cars that are identical, they would probably be just as fast (pushing the same PSI)See this is the same thing I was telling my friend but he grew up in circle track cars and nascar.Me myself I'm a Import turner and has always argued my case about this but it was always me against other people. turbo lag is a easy problem to fix all you really need is some good far as pushing the same psi No way Superchargers can't handle the psi A turbo can handle.A complicated concept, ‘the charm’ eludes many men.But, statistically, if you’ve had to get by on something other than rakish good looks or a gym-built body all your life, you’re likely to have at least a cursory understanding of good old-fashioned romance. Buy her dinner, bring her flowers and really listen to her when she talks.Turbo from exhaust, which some see as energy efficient, as it is using an otherwise wasted energy source.

Practicality out the window Blown motors look good , more sex appeal and there are a couple of nice blown street registered machines out there , oh yeah Turbo's go but make that whish type noise that I don't get off on .

turbo lag kinda sucks, but with the proper set up it will be minimal, and the souund of a turbo and a blow of valve is undeniably awesome.

superchargers are alright, but in my opinion are more for straight up racing.

My GSX eclipse was pushing 25psi stock is 14psi but I had aftermarket turbo and all supporting mods now a supercharger pushing that much psi would blow up for sure.i'm sayin if you take a bmw 3 series and put a turbo on one and a supercharger on another. In a race, the turbo lag wouldnt really be an issue and they should pretty much cross the finish line at the same time.

this means that turbo's are better (even with minor lag) because of less fuel consumption during cruising, and much easier to mod and like you said bring the PSI up to a ridiculous amt. below 3k rpms a honda civic coulda beat it, but anything above 3k rpms that thing was a beast.

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