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*side note* At first I was clueless to the fact I may like them.

But now that I'm in my forties I wonder if I need to just grown the hell up and look beyond the surface. Have I ever dated significantly less attractive men? However, I do know of research that suggests that while both men and women will actively search out the "best" "most attractive" mate, they are actually likely to wind up with someone of approximately the same level of attractiveness of themselves.

So first of all, thank you to those of you who advised me not to just write him off.

My question now is..and I had sex, and technically it WAS the first date though it felt like we've known each other longer, so...should I have waited?

After not talking on the telephone but just chatting on whatsapp for THREE MONTHS, I know I know, I finally met up with the "Texting But No Telephone" guy. It turns out that just texting/messaging for three months actually helped us get to know each other really well.

And it felt like we'd known each other for a long time by the time we finally went out this weekend.

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So if she bought me something really nice and I knew I couldn't repay it in $$ I'd try to plan something like a camping excursion that I know she'd love just as much if not more than some trinket. I'm making a few dishes to bring with me, and we are having a potluck Friendsgiving this year.

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