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Is the German culturally programmed to be born this way?The influence of Protestantism has had an impact on the entire German society: this religion preaches a principle based on authenticity facing interiority.

In terms of seduction, the rules are totally different here: the women flirt and men simper.This difference of social management between East and West Germany persisted after the fall of the Wall and it’s likely that the men from West Germany suddenly lost their ancient hallmarks.Of course, not all Germans are exactly the same and it depends on the region where they come from: the people of the south, in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and in the Rhineland, generally show a more cheerful and communicative approach than the Hanseatic who show a reserved natural temperament.The matter is apparently so well known that the German pop group Wir Sind Heldenreleased a song about a French girl called Aurélie facing frustrations in Berlin.According to Der Spiegel, there were 16 million single hearts in 2009, which is 20% of the population.

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My article is obviously very cliché, based only on my own experience.

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