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Appointed by the Provisional Government in 1933 to draft the first page of the new Constitution, Berta Lutz included various provisions to promote equal rights between men and women.

Though a feminist movement had existed in Brazil since the mid-nineteenth century and women did petition for suffrage to be included in the 1891 Republican Constitution, the drive towards enfranchisement only began in earnest under the leadership of feminist, biologist and lawyer, Bertha Lutz.

The first female assumed office in the Senate in 1979.

Women became candidates for vice president for the first time in 1994.

Two years after women's suffrage was declared in the 5th Constitution of Brazil, two women were elected to Congress, ten females were elected mayors and assemblywomen, and thirty women were made councilwomen in Brazil.

Though government jobs had been available to women in the past, women had not held electoral positions until after suffrage was won and the number of women in government continued to grow throughout the twentieth century.

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