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I recommend that a parent date for at least four to six months before involving the child in that new relationship.

Children bond easily, and may fantasize that the parent will marry the new partner.

She's been drinking a lot and begun dating during her divorce.

Sadly, many divorcing couples revert back to acting like they're 20 years old and in a fraternity, instead of being the adults with kids and responsibilities that they actually are.

Over the past few months, Meagan's new priority of has resulted in the kids being left at home alone (the oldest is 14 years old and youngest is 10) a few times while she's out you know where.

Colin trying to text or call her about something involving the kids and she either doesn't respond for long periods of time, or is too distracted and doesn't give him or the kids the attention they deserve.

In my opinion he's been too patient at times (we all have a responsibility to our kids to hold the other parent responsible for appropriate parenting).

Colin's silence is partly due to his guilt over his prior bad choices, as well as the dysfunctional relationship they've had for years in which he was not honest with her.

Some fathers feel unsure about how to spend blocks of time with their children without a woman present; some mothers are anxious to quickly introduce a “better role model” to their children and have the family that wasn’t possible with the children’s father.Their split custody arrangement has given her 3 days a week without parenting responsibilities and so she now has the time to do it, too.This is a common result of a divorce -- parents go from being full-time parents to being part-time ones. There are other considerations as well so check out this post on dating while separated for other things to think about. More than anything, dating during divorce, especially with kids, depends upon how you go about it as to whether it's good or bad for you.

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