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Prospective mates generally have the power to accept or reject the choices made for them. Within this relationship, bride-givers are considered inferior to bride-takers and are forever expected to give gifts to the bride-takers.The one-way flow of gifts begins at engagement and continues for a generation or two.

To some extent pre-marital sex is tolerated among boys but is not allowed from girls. (Gotra is the name of the ancestral head or father of the family.) A decision to marry is usually marked by an “engagement” where the elders of both the parties announce their intention to conduct the marriage to their family and friends. \*/ [Source: Sailesh Muki,, April 18 2013 \*/] After Hindu children reach puberty, the sexes are separated so there is little interaction between teenage girls and boys.

Marriages have traditionally been arranged by parents of the same caste in different villages between young people who have never met.

In the old days parents had more say over their children's future spouse than their children did.

Even so arranged marriages have a very high success rate.

There are fewer divorces with arranged marriages than with love marriages based on the fact there are relatively low divorce rates in countries with arranged marriages and high divorce rates in countries with love marriages.

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According to one survey in the 1990s less than nine percent of all newlyweds have had premarital sex and less than a third do it on their wedding night. Although the male may escape social repudiation if such liaisons become known, the female may suffer lasting damage to her own reputation and bring dishonor to her family.

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