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Remember the "Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak" adage too.

Find your biggest sizzling point about exactly how your product will benefit them, or--what problem it will solve for them and do it immediately.

Most auto-responders used to create such forms allow one to do this. This at least lets the visitor read the header and opening few lines--and if you have designed your page well, that might just be enough time to hook them in and make them want to stay.

A good psychological tool is to ask your visitor a question right off the bat--and make sure it is a question you know they will say yes to.

People have problems they want solved and if you can make them believe you can solve an important problem related to what they searched for--presto--you've hooked them in on your side. But way before you get to hitting them with customer comments, make sure they know exactly what your product does and what problem it will solve for them. Mike Mc Millan has created over ninety informational products.

Another good opening technique is to tell them what they WON'T NEED to make your product work for them. These have included books, e Books, videos, membership sites and advanced coaching programs.

You can download his three e Book package at his blog featuring (1) Membership Site Secrets, (2) Secrets of the e Book Selling Gurus, and (3) The Concise Guide To Writing For Internet Marketers.

With the evolution of new search algorithm technologies (namely the advent of local rank, only valueing links from unique domains/ IP addresses, and whatever the hell else is devaluing ROS text links), is a huge part of the value of a link.

It's a very scary thought, but you really only have about 8 seconds to capture a visitors attention on a sales or pre-sell page online.

That's not much time so you have to hit visitors hard with a compelling reason to stay once they arrive.

Think about the variables that used to be valuable to on-page SEO, and apply those to your partners links pages.

You probably don’t have to send the host of your pre-sell page a web position gold report, but you can optimize those on-page factors before you send the page to them. There are a lot of things that SE’s can determine from a page (what elements are the content region, navigation/template and/or duplicate content most importantly – these are SMART folks remember), and this is one of the reasons internal anchor text was devalued at some point.

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