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Drupal Themes from Template Monster are the themes that can be installed on the CMS platform to customize the design of your website.

Go to Write a Story and Be Original for basic advice that transcends genre boundaries. There is a rather large section at the tail end of the article.

It is separated into the same sections as the rest of the article—as shown by order of appearance—though not labeled.

Pages should detail some of the finer points about such jobs and if possible give proven ways to get into such careers. But some of them tend to be useful only in the hands of a Master Craftsman.

Important Ensure that none of your field names are the same as your class names.

This will cause errors due to the way Django handles relations (read more).

Then come back here, click on the link for the page you want to create, open it for editing, paste in the template, and start filling in the sections. If you have trouble picking a title for your story, refer to Genre Title Grab Bag. In the meantime, you can visit Writing a story is important, but writers aren't the only ones doing work.

Most creative mediums are collaborative, and many people help to make a quality product.

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