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One of the men gives them their target: a tree, perhaps 50 feet away.

Some tourists have behaved very badly while traveling, from knocking over art displays while taking selfies to throwing items at the Queen's Guard in London.'Although the You Tube version of the video has no comments, it did get more attention — and mixed responses — on rival video website Live Leak.SOONER3 called it 'bloody brilliant', while Red0g called it the 'Best video so far today' and Dakard enthused: 'God Bless America F*** YEAH.'But others were less impressed.Start dating singles who believe in the 2nd Amendment!Whether you own one gun or several, love to hunt, or just believe strongly in the right to bear arms and defend our God-given freedoms..someone who shares your values!

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"Our biggest discrimination is whether or not you are interested in guns."The growing number of women who hold concealed-carry permits drove the decision to start the website.

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