Dating for people in recovery programs

It led me to dive more deeply into self-investigation and addressing my pain, but it was difficult.

Being in a relationship with a recovering drug addict has been wonderful for me, as we can relate on a deep level.

When two addicts in a relationship are in early recovery, they may fall into avoiding what truly needs to be addressed.

In twelve-step rooms there’s a warning against letting your partner become your Higher Power. We can certainly find safety and help in our relationship, but are we using it as an escape or putting all of our eggs in one basket? Dopamine is released and we get a serious hit of endorphins.

There are many suggestions, unofficial guidelines, and things to consider when building relationships surrounding recovery.

Let’s start by clarifying that some people are recovering from relationship issues, sexual addiction, and/or trauma.

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  1. The Under 21 program, Ed Vance is for students between 18 and 20 years of age who feel the world is passing them by because they have discontinued their formal education before obtaining a high school diploma.