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To avoid this, Joseph purposely had him embalmed – so that the Egyptians would attribute his preservation to natural causes. When Allen's Jewishness became "publicized," rather than subject his family to the humiliating ordeal of his dismissal, Allen resigned, citing poor health.(Sources: Zohar Parshat Vayechi 251a, Targum Yonatan, Da’at Zekeinim, Chatam Sofer Y. The regiment then elected Rabbi Arnold Fischel as its chaplain, in order to test the constitutionality of the "Christian-only" law.The answer is that you view approval as pleasurable and giving you happiness.Realize how much needless suffering your approval-seeking causes you.

There are things that one can do that will strengthen other people's faith in God, and things that will weaken it.

This is also considered spiritually beneficial for the soul.

After death, a person’s soul is naturally drawn to his body – the thing most familiar to it.

Thus, if we deal unfairly with others, we may not only cause them to be angry at us, but also bring them to doubt God for allowing an injustice to happen.

While such reasoning is faulty, the one who caused it is nevertheless responsible for causing the victim to feel that way.

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