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Set in Buxton, Derbyshire, in 1575, the 10th entry in Emerson's Elizabethan historical series (Face Down Under the Wych Elm, etc.) smoothly mixes engaging characters, political intrigue, period customs and crime.Rosamond Appleton, the impetuous 12-year-old foster daughter of Susanna, ...Today's letter was not a summons to serve Queen Elizabeth. John Bexwith, my steward at Appleton Manor, is dead.Susanna frowned, surprised that this news should have affected her husband so strongly. Emerson's engrossing 16th-century mystery (her 11th, after 2006's Face Down Beside St.

This book cleverly exposes the little peculiarities of 16th-century life: how people thought about time, the finer points of Elizabethan handwriting and how some words in common use would be unfamiliar or mean quite different things to today (‘nice’, for example, meant ‘exact’ or ‘accurate’).

Plymouth's early history extends to the Bronze Age, when a first settlement emerged at Mount Batten.

This settlement continued as a trading post for the Roman Empire, until it was surpassed by the more prosperous village of Sutton founded in the ninth century, now called Plymouth.

Anne's Well) plunges readers into the middle of Scottish domestic drama and political intrigue from the first page.

Series heroine Susanna, Lady Appleton, is distressed to learn that ...

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