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Mel Burke is having trouble with her niece, Lennox.

As she tries to juggle being a councillor and a guardian, she gets a little overwhelmed. Mel is hesitant to do so until she finds out Lennox wrote a poem about her principal, Miss Lunt (Vernee Watson), that wasn't so nice. Before leaving for a meeting, Joseph "Joe" Longo knocks on her door.

Mel then convinces him to stand up for himself and get back his widescreen TV.

But the presence of television in the living room ruins Mel's date with a fellow politician (Philipp Karner).

Guest stars include Ted Mc Ginley as the mayor and Katherine Helmond (who co-starred for eight years in the structurally similar series, Who's the Boss? On Halloween, Joe hears noises in the attic and goes up there to check.

There he finds Mel's brother-in-law, Lewis (John Ross Bowie), who is still hiding from the law.

Meanwhile, Mel encourages Lennox to make friends at her new school. Soon, though things start heating up with Liz, a sorority sister (Maïté Schwartz) of Mel's. The truth becomes outrageously stretched, until it blows up in the dysfunctional family's face.

If she doesn't apologize, Lennox cannot go back to school.Joe's suspicious behavior prompts Mel to assume that he is in a relationship, when in reality he has teamed up with a former co-worker in hopes of finding Mel's brother-in-law, Lewis.Meanwhile, Mel and Lennox team up to conquer what they think is Ryder's bully, after they discover him missing his new shoes and backpack.It turns out that Ryder himself gave his possessions to a friend, in hopes of repaying him since his family was impacted by Ryder's own parents' dishonest investment.A crackdown on illegal domestic workers working for city council members begins and Mel pleads with Joe to get his birth certificate so he can continue working for her.

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