Dating an only child guy

For most of my childhood, I was bummed about being an only child.

Alone time never bothers us, instead we use our solitude to charge our spirits with high energy.As we grow, we carry this urge into every relationship, whether it's friendship or dating.We need time to adjust to the fact that it's okay when we are not the center of all the discussions, and our beloved has other things to worry about.Now, I know exactly what I want and I’m not afraid to ask for it. Did I mention I had a serious, long-term boyfriend at the time? I’ve been told ' I love you' every single day by my parents for the past 26 years, and when I say those words to someone, I mean them with all of my heart. Lindsay Tigar is a 26-year-old single writer, editor, and blogger living in New York City.Nothing turns me off more than an undecisive guy.2. When I furnished my first New York apartment (#IKEAforever), I bought myself a bottle of red wine, sat down with my toolbox, and put together every. It wasn’t that he couldn’t help me (he offered); it was that I wanted to do it myself. I put on singing performances, I drew all of the pictures, and I was basically given most everything I wanted (except for that damn pony). Even if it’ll take a hell of a man to put up with my sass, independence, need for reassurance, and my over-analysis of, well, everything. She started her popular dating blog, Confessions of a Love Addict, after one too many terrible dates with tall, emotionally unavailable men (her personal weakness) and is now developing a book about it, represented by the James Fitzgerald Agency.

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They might even still meet up with their primary school friends.

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