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'" On a non-guy-related note, having fun is always superior to not having fun. Although we're torn on whether playing hard to get is a good thing or not—for the record, Adam says that men DO want a challenge when it comes to winning you over—it's common sense that most men are terrified to make the move.So save the challenge for later, Adam advises: "Make it easy for them, open up your body, make eye contact and give them the clear signal that it's cool to break the ice. More advice from the experts: The Best Dating Advice From Moms Everywhere12 Dating DOs and DON' Ts Even Experts Follow: Stars of Bravo's New Show Miss Advised Share Their Advice Ask an Expert: Is My Sadness After a Breakup Normal, Or Is It Depression?Relationship advice you can use from 35 otherwise distracting actresses. Now stop staring and go be a better man."Women are innately self-conscious. On a bad day, I look in the mirror and see my ten-pound-heavier alter ego. On a really bad day, Bertha sees her two-hundred-pound-heavier alter ego.I don't know about you guys, but I hardly ever meet guys in regular life situations.You may have noticed that most of the dating escapades I tell you about are of the online persuasion.

Additionally, while hanging with your guy friends is fun, you might want to leave them at home for a ladies' night once in a while.It gets worse when SHE realizes you've run out of things to say.The dreaded awkward pause follows and then they usually end up pushing something stupid out of their mouths like "pleasure meeting you." At this point, your chances of getting her number, or even her name, are done.You guessed it, the creepers." Ugh, we all know the ones right?The ones who are all, "I bet I could make you smile, girl." Ew.

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is a complete road map to what to say and do when you meet a woman you're interested in.

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  1. RD: How long have you been using online dating websites? Most importantly is that she likes doing similar things that I do. Maybe they don’t like my pictures, or maybe I’m not being as nice as I feel I am in my messages.