Dating a person with add

When someone with ADD finds something that triggers their interest, they jump in head first and don’t surface for air.

A person with ADD has high-flying emotions and they can not be contained.

Even though they know they have something that needs to be done, there are a million different things that distract them from what’s in front of them. They start moving forward in one direction, but have to keep altering the course to find their way out.

They are likely thinking about how your hand gestures are moving, how your hat is slightly crooked, or how your top is covered in lint.

Those who have ADD find it hard to concentrate when they are feeling emotional or when they are in a haze of distraction.

However, when they find a topic that truly interests them, they delve into a zone so deeply that it is difficult to get them out of it.

Those with ADD have intense feelings and find it difficult to moderate their impulses.

This means that they sometimes say things without thinking or without editing their thoughts beforehand.

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