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When you're with a dude who knows what he's doing, you become your best self.

Pretty soon you're wearing three-day-old underwear, and picking food out of your hair and then eating it.

It didn't take long because he earned, like, 10 cents that year, but still. Honestly, if the cable people read this, I deserve to go to jail.

As you have probably figured out, I write on marriage from a Biblical perspective.

I happen to be a Jesus freak who has a desire to see marriages flourishing for our King!

We've all been with the guy who's never had a real job. You know, that last dude you dated who lived with parents and yelled at his mom if dinner wasn't done on time. That's what a good relationship does; it lifts you up to its level and you shine like the bright, beautiful babe that you are.

Or the bro who was super fun and exciting until you realized he was living on his ex-girlfriend's couch because nobody would rent an apartment to him.

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